Aqua Gorlin Condominiums

This neighborhood is alive with rich culture and all the Florida sunshine you can take, which anyone young in body and spirit with make La Gorce their own. It offers apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms floor plans. Historically La Gorce was considered a suburb of Miami Beach , but as the downtown area expanded, La Gorce’s NorthEast adopted high density zoning which allowed the building of high rise apartment and office structures and turned into what you see today as one of the best looking neighborhoods, not just in all of Miami Beach , but the entire United States.

La Gorce offers its residents spectacular restaurants, amazing nightlife, culture, easy banking, great golf and white sand beaches are just a short drive away. If you’re looking for a place that’s close to great shopping, fine dining, and the country’s greatest nightlife. Miami Beach is currently populated with among of the highest and amazing condos Miami Beach developers have ever built. La Gorce is a beautiful place filled with life and enjoyment, offering amazing dining and great nightlife. The condos are second to none with 10-20 foot high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass to make sure your view is unhindered, and private wrap around decks. Being in the business for many years, we have the experience and expertise to know what the buying process is. Aqua Gorlin La Gorce has shown time and time again that an investment here will show a future return.